Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quality service or is it disservice you get?

It is the general feeling that service quality is not up to par in Sarawak. But what are the initiatives taken to rectify it? The Borneo Post Nov 19, 2008 reported that the number of complaints received against the civil service is on the rise. Just this year alone, some 6,059 complaints were recorded up to September. In 2005, there were 27,707 complaints and this rose to 3,397 in 2006 and then to 5,347 in 2007.

What about those of us who daily come across all kinds of disservice and just take it in our own stride? Seems complaints are just been thrown into the air all the time and that sure doesn't help any.

Corporates have taken on many causes as their corporate social responsibility. Why not consider raising the standard of customer service as a good cause?

We love to gripe about bad experiences. But what about the times we are be served with great customer service? Hey, what were some of your service experiences like? Have a great service lately? I did!

My fuel tank was running below the E mark yesterday and on the way home, I drove in to this new petrol kiosk. My second visit by the way.

This same attendant who served me the first time came approaching at a brisk pace to ask what he may do for me. I liked him a lot! He packed in a lot of energy in his footsteps, he was literally bouncing! With a great big smile on his face! I liked him even better!

"Hi aunty", he said, "how may I help you?" Ooophs! I liked him a little less now.... do I look like his aunty?????? Didn't he know that women in my age group are real sensitive to such titles?????

So I thanked him polite like, and said I will be using my credit card. Off he bounced with his happy smile intact....

That was Florence, not me!

Point is, visiting petrol kiosks is a permanent part of my life and in all the years of patronising them, I had yet to come across such a cheerful fellow. This young man is the first and he's consistent at it! When I drove away, he waved at me, BIG :) again. GREAT service! SARAWAK boleh!

That will be my preferred petrol kiosk for a while....

"Don't take my photo, take my friend's!!"

And so when was the last time you catch some one giving you a great service? Did you thank them and tell them what a great job they did?

I had a double dose of great service yesterday apparently. Sesco debited my dues through my credit card which was replaced recently. I emailed Justina Limbe of Sesco and requested that my records be amended. After pressing the send button, I followed it up with a phone call. She informed she had read my email and will act on it. I received her email a short while later confirming that action was already taken. Superb service, Justina! SESCO boleh!

Tell me some of your good and bad experiences of customer service.